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ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC

In October 2008, Energy Capital announced the formation of ADA Carbon Solutions (“ACS”) to develop and construct an activated carbon (“AC”) production facility in Coushatta, Louisiana.

Environmental Infrastructure Current

ACS was formed in anticipation of federal and state regulations requiring mercury removal from coal-fired power plant emissions. ACS designed and built what Energy Capital believes is the largest, most automated and most environmentally friendly AC manufacturing plant in North America focused on mitigating mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants. The facility, which is called Red River, was completed in 2010, can produce 150 million pounds per year of AC and has begun shipping product to utility customers. In addition, ACS developed its own dedicated source of raw material, the Five Forks Mine, located in close proximity to the Red River plant.


In December 2011, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) released its final Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (“MATS”), which set stringent new federal limits on hazardous emissions from the nation’s coal and oil-fired power plants. After a few delays, the rule went into full effect for all U.S. coal plants in April 2016.


For more information about ADA Carbon Solutions, please visit the company’s website at

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Cardinal Gas Storage Partners, LLC

In May 2008, Energy Capital Partners and Redbird Gas Storage LLC formed Cardinal Gas Storage Partners LLC, focusing on the development, construction, operation and management of natural gas storage facilities in North America. In August 2014, Energy Capital sold its interest in Cardinal to Martin Midstream.

Midstream Oil & Gas Realized

Cardinal’s portfolio of salt cavern and depleted reservoir gas storage development projects included:


Arcadia An operating salt cavern natural gas storage facility in Bienville Parish, LA.
Cadeville An operating depleted reservoir facility in Ouachita Parish, LA.
Perryville An operating salt cavern facility in Franklin Parish, LA.
Monroe An operating depleted reservoir facility in Monroe County, MS; the facility was acquired by Cardinal in May 2011.
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CE2 Carbon Capital, LLC

CE2 Carbon Capital was formed to invest in carbon offsets and other assets focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in North America.

Other Realized
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Cormetech was formed through the merger of CoaLogix Holdings, Inc. and STEAG Energy Services, LLC in 2016 and the acquisition of Cormetech, Inc. in 2017. The company is wholly owned by Energy Capital Partners and STEAG Energy Services GmbH.

Environmental Infrastructure Current

Cormetech is a leading manufacturer and provider of environmental catalysts, catalyst regeneration and catalyst management services for the power, marine, industrial-process, refinery, and petrochemical markets. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, the company owns manufacturing facilities, R&D centers and testing laboratories in Charlotte, North Carolina, Durham, North Carolina and Cleveland, Tennessee. Cormetech provides innovative and cost-effective solutions that help coal-fired and natural gas-fired power plants and other industrial facilities achieve and maintain compliance with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

For more information about Cormetech, visit the company’s website at


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Empire Gen Holdings, Inc.

Energy Capital purchased Empire, a 635 MW combined cycle natural gas turbine (“CCGT”) power plant in Rensselaer, New York, in July 2007 during its development stage and prior to construction commencement. The plant began commercial operations in September 2010 after a successful 3 year construction period.

Power Generation Realized

Empire is located 150 miles north of New York City across the Hudson River from Albany. The plant uses General Electric 7FA combustion turbines in a combined-cycle configuration and Alstom Heat Recovery Steam Generators. Empire is one of the largest power plants to come online in the northeast in recent years, and is among the most efficient and lowest cost producers in the region.

Through a management agreement, Wheelabrator Technologies Inc., an Energy Capital generation platform, acts as asset manager for the Empire plant and lends its generation expertise to oversee plant activities in the areas of commercial dispatch, operations and maintenance and human resources.

For more information about Empire, please visit the company’s website at

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EquiPower Resources Corp.

In May 2010 Energy Capital formed EquiPower, a power generation company that owned and operated a portfolio of fossil power generation facilities in the eastern United States. In April 2015, Energy Capital closed on the sale of EquiPower to Dynegy Inc.

Power Generation Realized

EquiPower owned and operated the following power generating assets totaling approximately 4,685 MWs:


Lake Road 812 MW combined cycle natural gas power plant in Connecticut. The plant came into commercial operations in 2002 and was purchased by Energy Capital in May 2010, along with Dighton and Masspower, from BG North America LLC.
Dighton 178 MW combined cycle natural gas power plant in Massachusetts. The plant came into commercial operations in 1999 and was purchased by Energy Capital in May 2010, along with Lake Road and Masspower, from BG North America LLC.
Masspower 265 MW combined cycle natural gas power plant in Connecticut. The plant came into commercial operations in 1993 and was purchased by Energy Capital in May 2010, along with Masspower and Dighton, from BG North America LLC.
Milford 555 MW combined cycle natural gas power plant in Connecticut. The plant came into commercial operations in 2004 and was purchased by Energy Capital in January 2011.
Liberty 583 MW combined cycle natural gas power plant in Pennsylvania. The plant came into commercial operations in 2002 and was purchased by Energy Capital in October 2011 from a group of financial owners.
Kincaid 1,093 MW coal fired power plant in Illinois. The plant came into commercial operations in late 1960s and was purchased by Energy Capital in August 2013 from Dominion.
Elwood 50% ownership interest (735 MW) in a simple cycle natural gas power plant in Illinois. The plant came into commercial operations in 1999/2001 and was purchased by Energy Capital in August 2013 from Dominion.
Richland 444 MW natural gas and oil-fired facility in Ohio. The plant came into commercial operation in 1967 and was purchased by Energy Capital in December 2013 from a consortium of financial owners.
Stryker 20 MW oil-fired facility in Ohio. The plant came into commercial operation in 1967 and was purchased by Energy Capital in December 2013 from a consortium of financial owners.
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FirstLight Power Resources, Inc.

A diverse portfolio of predominantly hydro-generation plants acquired by Energy Capital in November 2006 for $1.34 billion and sold to a subsidiary of GDF SUEZ (EPA: GSZ) in December 2008.

Power Generation Realized

FirstLight owned and operated a portfolio of 15 high-quality power plants in Massachusetts and Connecticut, representing more than 1,440 MW of generating capacity. It included Northfield Mountain, a 1,080 MW pumped storage station, a 96 MW new build gas-fired plant in Connecticut (Waterbury Generation), 13 hydro stations, one coal-fired power plant and one oil-fired internal combustion peaker. FirstLight’s power plants were strategically located in the most transmission constrained states within the New England wholesale power market.

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NextLight Renewable Power, LLC

NextLight was formed by Energy Capital in December 2007 to develop, acquire, own, manage and operate utility-scale solar power plants in the western U.S. By the time the company was sold to First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) in July 2010, it had grown to become the largest pure-play utility-scale developer of solar power plants in the U.S.

Renewable Energy Realized

NextLight was formed in response to the growing demand for utility-scale solar power in California and across the desert southwest U.S. Energy Capital identified a market need for a best-in-class power development firm that was not pursuing a specific agenda of deploying its own solar technology. At the time of its sales, NextLight had $5 billion of utility-scale, technology-neutral solar construction projects in the Southwest, including: three shovel-ready projects with long-term PPAs totaling 570 MW, five projects in advanced development totaling 750 MW, and site control for another 3,257 MW in early stage development.

One of NextLight's projects, the Agua Caliente Solar Project, was completed in early 2014 and is one of the largest solar PV project in the world at 290 MWs.

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Odessa Power Holdings, LLC

In July 2011, Energy Capital acquired Odessa, a 1,000 MW combined cycle natural gas turbine (“CCGT”) power plant in West Texas. This 2001 vintage power plant utilizes General Electric 7FA technology and supplies power to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (“ERCOT”). In December 2013, Energy Capital closed on the sale of Odessa to a subsidiary of Koch Energy Services, LLC.

Power Generation Realized

Prior to realization, EquiPower Resources Corp., an Energy Capital generation platform, acted as asset manager for the Odessa power plant.

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PLH Group, Inc.

Energy Capital formed PLH Group, Inc. in 2009 to focus on acquiring and integrating a select group of construction and maintenance services providers to the electric power delivery and pipeline industries.

Energy Services Current

The company’s acquisitions include Sun Electric, TESSCO, AIR 2, Auger Services, Snelson Companies, IPS Engineering, Southeast Directional Drilling, M&M Pipeline Services, Energy Services South, Pipeworx, TTR Substations, Edison Power Constructors, and R.B. Hinkle Construction. The PLH companies combined have over 2,200 employees and a fleet of over 4,500 pieces of specialized equipment, and PLH is actively seeking to expand further its service offerings and geographic footprint. PLH is positioned to capitalize on new energy infrastructure construction projects including upgrades and maintenance to the existing power grid, gas, oil and products pipeline and related infrastructure construction and integrity programs, and electrification of remote oil and gas drilling sites. 


For more information about PLH, please visit the company’s website at

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Red Oak Power, LLC

Energy Capital acquired the 830 MW Red Oak power plant in Sayreville, New Jersey from a subsidiary of The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES) in April 2012. Red Oak sells power under a long-term contract expiring in 2022. In November 2013, Energy Capital sold Red Oak to The Carlyle Group.

Power Generation Realized

Red Oak is a 2002 vintage combined cycle gas turbine facility that uses proven low heat rate Siemens 501F technology, which has a long track record of reliability in power plants across the U.S. During the past five years the plant has achieved consistently strong operating performance with high availability and low forced outage rates.

Prior to realization, EquiPower Resources Corp., an Energy Capital generation platform, acted as asset manager for the Red Oak power plant.

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Summit Midstream Partners, LLC

In September 2009, Energy Capital formed Summit Midstream Partners to focus on acquiring and developing a portfolio of Master Limited Partnership (“MLP”) qualifying midstream energy infrastructure assets that are strategically located in traditional and emerging North American production basins and import centers. In August 2011, Energy Capital sold an interest in Summit to GE Energy Financial Services, a unit of GE (NYSE: GE). On September 27, 2012, Summit Midstream Partners, LP priced an Initial Public Offering on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “SMLP.”

Midstream Oil & Gas Current

SMLP owns six high quality gathering and compression systems:


Barnett Shale

Natural gas gathering system in the core of the Barnett Shale within the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex


Piceance Basin

Natural gas gathering and processing system operating in the Mersaverde and Niobrara formations of the Piceance natural gas basin. Includes Red Rock, a natural gas gathering and processing system in the Piceance and Uinta Basins, acquired from SMP Holdings in March 2014


Willingston Basin

Crude oil, produced water, and associated natural gas gathering system located in Mountrail and Burke counties in North Dakota


Marcellus Shale

High-pressure gas gathering and compression assets located in the rich gas window of the Marcellus Shale


Utica Shale

Made up of two assets: Ohio Gathering and Summit Utica. Ohio Gathering, of which 40% interest was acquired in June 2014, consists of a liquids-rich gas gathering system and a separate dry gas gathering system, as well as a condensate transportation, storage and stabilization facility located in the southern core of the Utica Shale. Summit Utica is developing a wholly-owned natural gas gathering system in the dry gas window in southeastern Ohio, with XTO as the anchor customer


DJ Basin Associated natural gas gathering system and a cryogenic processing plant located in Weld County, Colorado, with EOG Resources as the anchor customer


For more information about Summit Midstream Partners, please visit the company's website at

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SunZia Southwest Transmission Project, LLC

In June 2008, Energy Capital and five partners announced an agreement to develop the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project, a transmission line that will connect renewable energy sources in New Mexico and Arizona to Phoenix and other load centers. In September 2010, Southwestern Power Group agreed to purchase Energy Capital’s stake in the project.

Electric Transmission Realized

The first phase of development is a 460-mile high-capacity transmission project planned between New Mexico and Arizona. The primary purpose of the line is to connect remotely sited renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal projects in both states to Phoenix and other load centers. When fully developed, the Sunzia project is expected to provide 3,000 MWs of new transmission capacity.

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Waterbury Generation LLC

In mid-2007, Energy Capital, through FirstLight Power Resources, Inc., an Energy Capital power generation platform, acquired the exclusive development rights for a 96 MW gas-fired power plant in Waterbury, Connecticut. The project was sold to a subsidiary of GDF SUEZ (EPA: GSZ) in December 2008.

Power Generation Realized

The Waterbury project, a state-of-the-art simple cycle peaking facility, was one of four projects selected in May 2007 by the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control (“DPUC”) in its RFP process for new capacity. The DPUC awarded the project company a 10-year contract with the United Illuminating Company for the sale of 100% of the capacity and locational forward reserves associated with the facility. The Waterbury project began commercial operations in July 2009 following a 2 year construction period under ECP’s ownership.

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Chieftain Sand and Proppant LLC

In July 2012, Energy Capital funded the recapitalization of Chieftain Sand from its Mezzanine Opportunities Fund. Chieftain Sand is a producer of frac sand that meets strict technical specifications for use in the oil and gas industry.

Energy Services Current

Frac sand is required to permanently prop open factures created by the hydraulic fracturing process to unlock oil and gas from unconventional and conventional formations in North America. The majority of all domestic oil and gas drilling and development utilizes frac sand, and it is also used to improve recoveries in existing producing wells. Chieftain Sand owns and operates two frac sand production plants in Wisconsin and Arkansas.

For more information about Chieftain Sand Proppant, please visit the company’s website at

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Broad River Power LLC

In December 2012, Energy Capital acquired Broad River, a 847 MW simple cycle, natural gas-fired power plant located in Gaffney, South Carolina. The plant began commercial operations in June 2000 and has had a strong operating history. The plant sells 100% of its output through two long-term power contracts with Carolina Power & Light Co., a subsidiary of Duke Energy Corp. 

Power Generation Realized

In October 2016, Energy Capital sold the facility to an affiliate of Arroyo Energy Investors.

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Sungevity, Inc.

In January 2013, Energy Capital provided Sungevity with project financing from its Mezzanine Opportunities Fund. Sungevity is a leading distributed solar company focused on the residential market providing customers with 20-year leases.

Renewable Energy Realized

Sungevity utilizes its online iQuote process to remotely design residential solar energy systems over the internet (using satellite imagery) to efficiently build its network of monthly-pay solar customers and make it easy and affordable for homeowners to benefit from solar power.


For more information about Sungevity, please visit the company’s website at

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ProPetro Services, Inc.

In March 2013, Energy Capital announced the acquisition of ProPetro Services, a Midland, Texas based oilfield service provider. ProPetro is a leading provider of critical well completion and drilling services to upstream oil and gas customers throughout the Permian Basin, the Mid-Continent, and the Uinta-Piceance region of the Rocky Mountains.

In March 2017, ProPetro successfully completed its Initial Public Offering IPO at $14.00/share, and now trades on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “PUMP.”

Energy Services Current

The Company offers a diversified suite of integrated services, including pressure pumping, land drilling, coiled tubing, cementing and flowback, which provide a balanced exposure to all stages of a well’s life cycle. The Company’s operations are predominantly oil-directed and well positioned to take advantage of the expected continuation of unconventional drilling activity levels in the region.


For more information about ProPetro Services, please visit the company’s website at

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EnergySolutions, Inc.

In May 2013, Energy Capital acquired EnergySolutions, Inc., a leading global provider of low-level radioactive waste management and other nuclear services to government and commercial customers, for approximately $1.2 billion from public shareholders in a take-private transaction. The company’s broad range of service offerings includes plant decommissioning, environmental remediation projects, engineering, in-plant support services, and transportation logistics, processing and disposal of low-level radioactive waste. EnergySolutions also provides the nuclear industry with critical back-end products and technologies.

Environmental Infrastructure Current

EnergySolutions owns, operates and maintains among the largest commercial disposal facilities, processing facilities, and logistics and transportation businesses for low-level radioactive waste in the United States. Virtually all commercial nuclear plants in the U.S., the U.S. Government and numerous international customers use the company’s products, services or facilities.


For more information about EnergySolutions, please visit the company’s website at

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Rimrock Midstream, LLC

In November 2013, Energy Capital made an investment in Rimrock Midstream, LLC from its Mezzanine Opportunities Fund.  Rimrock is a growth-oriented company formed to acquire, develop and operate a portfolio of midstream energy infrastructure assets through a buy-and-build strategy.

Midstream Oil & Gas Realized

Rimrock owns a 1.15 million barrel crude storage facility in El Dorado, Kansas. The facility has been a critical and reliable service provider to the nearby HollyFrontier El Dorado refinery since the early 1950s and is the termination point for the Osage Pipeline. In March 2014, Rimrock acquired the Flint Hills pipeline, a 40 mile crude gathering system that brings oil produced in Kansas to the El Dorado facility. In November 2014, Rimrock sold its 50% stake in Grand Mesa Pipeline, LLC to its joint venture partner, NGL Energy Partners, LP. Grand Mesa is a project company that owns a proposed 550-mile crude oil pipeline project to be built from Colorado to Cushing, Oklahoma. Although it has sold its stake, Rimrock will be overseeing the construction and operations of the Grand Mesa pipeline. In addition, Rimrock owns a crude gathering logistics and transport business with primary operations in the Bakken, Permian and Mississippi Lime basins.


For more information about Rimrock, please visit the company’s website at

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Brayton Point Power, LLC

Energy Capital purchased Brayton Point, a 1,528 MW coal-fired facility in Massachusetts. ECP acquired Brayton Point as part of a larger transaction with Dominion Resources, Inc., which closed in August 2013. The other plants in the transaction, Kincaid and Elwood, were contributed to EquiPower. The plant began commercial operations in 1963 and supplies power to ISO New England. Though Energy Capital announced plans to retire the facility in June 2017 due to a challenging long-term economic outlook for the facility, ECP closed on the sale of Brayton Point to Dynegy Inc. in April 2015.

Power Generation Realized

Prior to sale, through a management agreement, EquiPower Resources Corp., previously an Energy Capital generation platform, acted as asset manager for Brayton Point and lent its considerable generation expertise to oversee plant activities in the areas of commercial dispatch, operations and maintenance and human resources.


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NESCO Holdings Inc.

In February 2014, Energy Capital acquired NESCO Holdings Inc. Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, NESCO is a specialty rental equipment company that provides specialized construction and maintenance equipment to North American utilities and transmission and distribution (T&D) contractors. 

Energy Services Current

NESCO maintains one of the largest utility equipment fleets in North America, owning a substantial fleet of over 3,200 units of highly specialized equipment, and services a diverse customer base with 41 service and distribution locations throughout the United States and Canada. NESCO is one of only two providers of specialty T&D rental equipment with this level of geographic breadth. The Company’s fleet is among the largest, youngest and most diverse in the industry, allowing NESCO to provide best-in-class equipment availability and service to its customers and to differentiate its equipment offering from its competitors. 


For more information about NESCO, please visit the company’s website at

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Sendero Midstream Partners, LP

In March 2014, ECP formed Sendero Midstream Partners, LP, a Houston based midstream company focused on MLP qualifying North American assets with stable cash flows and opportunities for expansion. Sendero is actively evaluating investment opportunities throughout the midstream value chain, which are being sourced through various industry relationships.

Midstream Current

In December 2016 Sendero commenced construction of a new highly-efficient 130 MMcf/day cryogenic processing plant and associated facilities in Eddy County, New Mexico, which is targeted to be in operation by the end of 2017. The constructed system will cover the following services: low pressure gathering, dehydration, compression, high pressure gathering, processing, residue gas and NGL takeaway.

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Alaska Midstream

In July 2014, Energy Capital completed an investment commitment to Furie Operating Alaska, LLC  (“Furie”), a growth-oriented independent oil & gas company, from its Mezzanine Opportunities Fund. This investment funded the build-out of infrastructure for the installation of an offshore natural gas production platform, marine pipeline, and onshore production facilities to bring proven natural gas reserves to market from Furie’s Kitchen Lights Unit in the Cook Inlet (“KLU”).

Midstream Oil & Gas Current

The offshore platform was the first new Cook Inlet production platform installed since 2000, when the Osprey platform was installed at the Redoubt Shoal field. The KLU infrastructure allows Furie to bring a newly discovered natural gas field online to diversify supply for the Kenai Peninsula, Mat-Su Valley and Anchorage areas. Going forward, Furie plans to continue its exploration and development program in the Kitchen Lights Unit, which is an 83,000-acre lease position.


For more information about Furie, please visit the company’s website at  

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NCSG Crane & Heavy Haul Corporation

In August 2014, Energy Capital provided NCSG with 2nd lien bond acquisition financing from its Mezzanine Opportunities Fund. NCSG is one of the largest fully operated and maintained crane and heavy haul companies in North America with a leading presence across the Western Canadian oil & gas markets.

Energy Services Current

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, NCSG serves the Western North American energy markets with operations extending from Western Canada down through Montana, North Dakota and Texas. The Company offers a comprehensive portfolio of high value, fully operated and maintained crane and heavy haul services utilizing experienced operators and supported by dedicated lift plan engineers and logistic coordinators. Its extensive and modern fleet of over 285 mobile cranes, 235 lines of hydraulic platform trailers, 300 conventional trailers and specialized rigging equipment has established NCSG as the one of the leading operators in the rapidly growing Canadian oil sands market, the world’s third largest base of proven oil reserves.


For more information about NSCG, please visit the company’s website at

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Southcross Holdings, LP

In November 2014, Energy Capital made a preferred equity investment in Southcross Holdings LP (“Holdings”) from its Mezzanine Opportunities Fund. Holdings is the parent company of Southcross Energy Partners, L.P. (NYSE: SXE) (“SXE” and, together with Holdings, “Southcross”), a master limited partnership primarily based in South Texas’ Eagle Ford Basin, with an additional smaller asset base in Mississippi and Alabama.

Midstream Oil & Gas Realized

Southcross provides natural gas gathering, processing, treating and transportation services as well as NGL fractionation, transportation and marketing services to a well-diversified group of blue chip customers. Holdings was formed in August 2014 through the combination of Southcross Energy LLC, the predecessor parent of SXE, and TexStar Midstream Services, two integrated midstream companies with complementary assets in the Eagle Ford basin. 

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Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc.

In December 2014, Energy Capital acquired Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc. from Waste Management, Inc. Based in Hampton, New Hampshire, Wheelabrator is a leader in the safe and environmentally sustainable conversion of municipal solid waste and other renewable waste fuels into clean energy.

Power Generation Current

Wheelabrator’s waste-to-energy facilities reduce the volume of solid waste materials going to landfills, thereby reducing methane emissions generated in such landfills, while generating electricity without the need for additional fossil fuels. The business generates revenue from both the fuel source (tipping fees associated with accepting waste volumes) and the energy output (as a baseload plant that typically operates 24 hours each day of the year).


Wheelabrator is the second largest waste-to-energy business in the United States. Its critical infrastructure projects have a combined processing capacity of approximately 8 million tons of municipal solid waste and generate approximately ~4.5 million megawatt hours across 20 operating power facilities with more than 800MW of capacity. The company’s operations represent a significant presence in densely populated areas across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Florida regions.


Wheelabrator also has initiated projects with two established joint venture partners to recover metal from waste streams for resale in recycled metals markets.  Further, company is also partnered with Scottish and Southern Energy in building and operating a 70MW waste-to-energy facility in the UK. This facility began commercial operations in 2015.


For more information about Wheelabrator, please visit the company’s website at

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Next Wave Energy Partners, LP

Next Wave Energy Partners, LP is an independent energy company focused on the development, operation, acquisition and expansion of midstream and downstream petrochemical and fuels assets. Next Wave’s core capabilities include customized toll processing, manufacturing and logistics solutions for natural gas liquids, petrochemicals and gasoline blending components. 

Midstream Current

The company, which is focused on opportunities in the United States and Canada, expects to pursue greenfield development projects and potential acquisitions. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas. 


For more information about Next Wave, please visit the company’s website at

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US Development Group, LLC

In September 2014, Energy Capital Partners made an investment in US Development Group, LLC (“USDG”). USDG and its affiliates are engaged in designing, developing, owning, managing and operating energy infrastructure assets throughout North America. USDG was among the first companies to develop unit-train capable terminals for the transportation of energy-related products. 

Midstream Oil & Gas Current

Since 2006, USDG has developed, built and operated 14 unit train-capable origination and destination terminals with an aggregate terminalling capacity of over 725,000 barrels per day. Its senior management team has an average of over 25 years of experience in the energy, transportation, refining, commodities trading, logistics and financial industries and the company has a strong track record for safety, as evidenced by over a dozen nationally recognized safety awards received in recent years.


USD Partners LP (NYSE:  “USDP”) is a fee-based, growth-oriented master limited partnership formed by USDG to acquire, develop and operate energy-related rail terminals and other high-quality and complementary midstream infrastructure assets and businesses. USDP completed its IPO on the NYSE in October 2014.  Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USDP’s assets consist primarily of: (i) an origination crude-by-rail terminal in Hardisty, Alberta, Canada, with capacity to load up to two 120-railcar unit trains per day; (ii) a crude oil rail loading terminal with onsite crude storage located in Casper, WY (iii) two destination unit train-capable ethanol rail terminals in San Antonio, Texas, and West Colton, California, with a combined capacity of approximately 33,000 barrels per day; and (iv) railcar services through the management of a railcar fleet.


For more information, please visit the company’s website at

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Terra-Gen, LLC

In September 2015, Energy Capital acquired Terra-Gen, LLC, an owner, operator and developer of utility-scale renewable and clean energy assets. The Company’s 694 MW portfolio spans 22 facilities throughout the western United States and includes a diverse mix of wind (538 MW), solar thermal (89 MW) and geothermal (67 MW) plants.

Renewable Energy Current

The assets are located primarily in California, with additional capacity located in Nevada, Wyoming, Texas, Colorado  and Minnesota and are characterized by an exceptionally strong operating track record.


The Terra-Gen business is highlighted by its premier operating wind portfolio located primarily in Tehachapi and Palm Springs, California. Adjacent to the Los Angeles load pocket, these two regions hold significant locational value and boast some of the state’s best wind resources, along with a recently upgraded transmission infrastructure which allows Terra-Gen to directly deliver renewable power to end markets from San Francisco to San Diego.


For more information about Terra-Gen, please visit the company’s website at

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Sunnova Energy Corp.

In March 2016, ECP closed an investment in Sunnova Energy Corp., a leading residential solar company. Sunnova finances, operates and manages residential solar systems for customers primarily in the United States. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Renewable Energy Current

Sunnova currently operates throughout the United States and is in the business of acquiring and managing residential solar projects with 25-year contracts. Sunnova’s business model relies on an extensive network of regional channel partners for originating, developing and servicing systems. The market for residential solar developers and installers in the United States is highly fragmented owing to localized regulations, permitting processes, and customer demographics. By enabling Sunnova’s channel partners to creatively grow their business and customer base, we believe that Sunnova’s partnering model results in a lower cost and more efficient origination approach.


The distributed solar sector has been rapidly expanding, driven by significant declines in solar project installation costs, rising utility rates, greater customer choice and state and federal environmental regulations supporting carbon-free and distributed electricity.


For more information about Sunnova, please visit the company’s website at

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Targa Resources Corp.

In March 2016, Energy Capital’s Mezzanine Opportunities Fund made a preferred equity investment in Targa Resource Corp (“Targa”) (NYSE: TRGP) as part of an overall approximate $1 billion issuance of preferred stock.

Midstream Current

Targa is a provider of midstream services and is one of the largest independent midstream energy companies in North America. The company owns, operates, acquires, and develops a diversified portfolio of complementary midstream energy assets.  Targa is primarily engaged in the business of: (i) gathering, compressing, treating, processing, and selling natural gas, (ii) storing, fractionating, treating, transporting, and selling NGLs and NGL products, including services to LPG exporters, (iii), gathering, storing, and terminaling crude oil, and (iv) storing, terminaling, and selling refined petroleum products.


Targa operates a gathering and processing asset base diversified across multiple shale and natural resource plays, including the Permian Basin, Barnett Shale, Bakken Shale, Eagle Ford Shale, Anadarko Basin, Arkoma Basin, onshore Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. The company also has the second largest fractionation ownership position at Mont Belvieu and world class LPG export facilities on the Gulf Coast at the Galena Park Marine Terminal, which is interconnected to Mont Belvieu.


For more information about Targa, please visit the company’s website at

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Ramaco Development LLC

In August 2016, the Energy Capital invested in the convertible preferred equity security of Ramaco Development, LLC. Ramaco is a developer of high-quality, low-cost metallurgical coal, a key input in the steelmaking process, in central and southern West Virginia, southwestern Virginia, and southwestern Pennsylvania. On February 2, 2017, Ramaco Development, LLC reorganized as Ramaco Resources, Inc. and priced an Initial Public Offering on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “METC.”

Industrials Current

Ramaco has a near-term development portfolio of four long-lived projects: Elk Creek, Berwind, RAM Mine and Knox Creek. Ramaco achieved initial commercial production in January 2017 and expects to produce 4.4 million clean tons per year of metallurgical coal by 2022.

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Continental Intermodal Group LP

In June 2017, Energy Capital acquired a controlling ownership stake in Fort Worth, Texas based sand and well consumable transloader Continental Intermodal Group LP (“CIG”). CIG is the largest independent operator of sand and well consumable transloading facilities in the U.S. with 11 operating terminals across the Permian (5), Eagle Ford (3), Haynesville (2) and SCOOP/STACK (1) basins, along with an additional 3 contracted terminals currently under development in the heart of the Permian.

Midstream/Oilfield Services Current

For more information about Continental Intermodal Group LP, please visit the company’s website at

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